Amazing Race Party - The Amazing  Chase
Looking for amazing race party ideas for kids? 
The Amazing Chase party kits help you put on the best party ever based on TV’s Amazing Race.  Each leg of the race is sold separately.  Use the ones you want to create anything from a 2-hour birthday party for kids to an all-day event for teens, "tweens",  or family groups.  Each leg is $12.99 or less.  Details

Survivor Theme Party Plan
By request, Chase Games has now developed an exciting, flexible, and easy-to-use plan for running a Survivor theme party at home or in a park with 6 kids or 60, with one adult running it or a whole "production" crew.
With over 30 activities to choose from, plans for running your Tribal Council, sound files, and stationery, when the tribe has spoken, they will be saying thanks for a great party!  Details

Mall Photo Chase
Dozens of hilarious photos to take in this three-round competition that you can stage at your local mall.  Great for teens that want an indoor activity that won't break the bank.  Get everything you need for under 10 bucks!  Details

The Ultimate Pirate Adventure Party
The Ultimate Pirate Adventure party plan will help you put on the best pirate party your child could have.  There are are plenty of pirate-birthday-themed products on the market but few of them tell you exactly what to do with all the stuff they sell you to make the party truly memorable.  This plan gives you crafts, games, activities, invitations, lots of great ideas and two treasure hunts that the kids will be talking about for a long time to come.  Details

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